With advances in technology, communication and transportation, people have a greater freedom of mobility than ever before. In this fast-paced world, parents often seek to move out of the county, state or country with a minor child. As a result, relocation can become a complicated legal matter for parents who are going through a divorce or living under existing child custody arrangements. Consulting with a skilled family lawyer is critical and the family law attorneys at Williams Family Law, P.C., are here to help.

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At Williams Family Law, our experienced family lawyers realize that changing times present an assortment of custody relocation issues. When difficulties arise over custody relocation, we are available to help you work through these circumstances in an efficient manner. Through decades of experience practicing family and matrimonial law, we understand the complexities and requirements regarding custody relocation and we are dedicated to helping our clients sort through these issues to develop realistic solutions.

Pennsylvania Court Requirements for Custody Relocation

Custody relocation is a hot issue in Pennsylvania. Generally, if one parent’s relocation has an impact upon the other parent's ability to maintain the current custody schedule, the parent seeking relocation will need to file with the court and obtain approval to move with the child. Pennsylvania parents seeking to move with their children, sometimes even within the same county, are required to provide the non-relocating parent with a formal notice – at least 30 days in advance – of their proposed relocation. If the non-relocating parent objects to the move in a timely manner, court intervention – by way of a “relocation hearing” – will be required before the relocating parent is eligible to move with the children.

When deciding whether or not a parent is permitted to relocate with their minor child (or minor children), the Pennsylvania family courts will evaluate the following factors, among others, into consideration:

  • the extent of the relationship between the children and each parent prior to the request to relocate;
  • the reasons one parent is seeking to relocate and the reasons that the other parent has for opposing the move;
  • the impact of the relocation on the child, especially on the child’s physical, educational and emotional development;
  • whether the move would improve the quality of life for the children; and
  • whether it is feasible to preserve the relationship between the party opposing the relocation and the child through suitable custody arrangements.

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