Following a divorce, the involved parties often encounter significant financial pressures. Many times, one spouse will need to provide monthly economic support for the other spouse in the form of an alimony payment. This may be by agreement or ordered by the court. If you have questions about alimony, the experienced family law attorneys at Williams Family Law, P.C., are here to help you to obtain the financial assistance you need.

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At Williams Family Law, we support individuals with a wide range of family law issues, including those involving alimony. Our clients have direct access to lawyers who are known for their extensive litigation experience and success. We pride ourselves on our reputation as leaders in the legal profession and attribute much of that success to the wealth of local knowledge we offer to our clients. We are dedicated to offering experienced guidance, compassionate advice, powerful advocacy, and sharing our proficient knowledge of the local courts, judges and attorneys while seeking the forums and solutions most suited to each client’s individual needs.

The Basics of Alimony

When constructing an alimony order, the court will examine a variety of factors, including the income or earning capacity of both spouses, the relative needs of the parties and the assets awarded to both spouses in equitable distribution. The court will also consider the reasonable living expenses of the spouse requesting alimony and examine the shortfall between income/earning capacity of that party and those reasonable expenses. When there are substantial changes in either party's income, it is sometimes necessary to seek modification of an existing order. Alimony issues become decidedly more complex when dealing with high-asset divorces. Income from securities, investments, pensions, business holdings and other sources must be taken into account to determine a fair amount of alimony.

Our family law attorneys are recognized for their strong knowledge and extensive litigation experience and success. With Williams Family Law as your legal representative, you will receive responsive and competent legal assistance to help you with handling alimony issues.

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