My Ex Won’t Pay His Share! (There’s an app for that.)
June 21st, 2019

When a divorce is complete, the anger and resentment do not always end. One primary area where this explodes is with regard to paying for the children’s expenses, such as extracurricular activities and unreimbursed medical expenses. While child support is a fixed amount determined by a formula, some of the extra expenses are paid outside of the base child support order, which can open up the door for numerous arguments.

First, unreimbursed medical expenses are allocated based on income under the child support order. However, the recipient of child support is responsible for the first $250 per child and must pay that amount prior to seeking reimbursement from the payor. For many child support recipients, obtaining reimbursement for medical expenses on a timely basis can be challenging.

That same challenge occurs when dividing the cost of extracurricular expenses. Those expenses are not required to allocated under the child support, but the court, and sometimes the parties, will add it as a provision when necessary.

Obtaining payment or reimbursement for these expenses is an area ripe for argument and plenty of parents would prefer to avoid that. The best way to do that is through the use of one of the many apps out there which specifically address this problem. One app is AppClose. This application allows parents to track their expenses. By tracking expenses, it becomes very easy to convert expenses into reimbursement requests. The request for reimbursement can then be sent through the app to the other parent and the receiving parent can even make the payment through the app.

Another app is SupportPay. The purpose of this app is to manage all support payments and child expenses in one place. SupportPay stores the documentation needed for reimbursement, making it much easier to request reimbursement and, for the payor, to understand what the payment is for.

One more app that can help separated parents is Alimentor 2. Alimentor 2 provides an expense tracking database, which includes copies of all receipts. The app easily tracks the amount due and what has been paid. If reimbursement is not received, it is then easier to obtain the funds through the court as all of the information is put into an Excel spreadsheet.

There are plenty of other apps that are dedicated to the division of expenses, whether for ex-spouses or for friends splitting a dinner bill. Those apps can also be helpful for exes. However, the apps specifically designed for separated parents provide a clear record of all expenses, making it easier to seek reimbursement from the court, should that ever be necessary. As a result, these apps have been successful in lowering litigation regarding these expenses.

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