Williams Family Law

Doylestown, PA - The Bucks County family law firm of Williams Family Law, P.C. believes in sharing its legal industry knowledge with its communities through continuing education and community leadership programs. Over the past several months, the law firm and its attorneys have participated in a variety of legal education events throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, discussing an assortment of family law and domestic relations matters.

Williams Family Law founder and managing partner Jeffrey M. Williams co-presented a CLE course hosted by PBI in November and December 2012 in Plymouth Meeting, PA, and Philadelphia. The program, “Family Law Practice in Bucks, Chester, Delaware & Montgomery Counties: The ‘Who, What, Where, When & Why’ of Family Practice in the Four County Area,” focused on what family law attorneys need to know when they practice across county lines. Williams represented Bucks County and provided a perspective on how the courts work, where to obtain information and how to work with key Bucks County family law court personnel.

Williams Family Law, P.C. is a premier family law firm based in Bucks County, Pa. The firm provides individuals with matrimonial and family law legal counsel and representation in alimony, child support, child custody, divorce, domestic partnership and cohabitation, grandparents’ custody rights, equitable distribution, marital settlement agreements, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, separation agreements, spousal support, matrimonial taxation and related matters. Williams Family Law’s family law attorneys also provide guidance and representation in alternative dispute resolution forums, handling mediation, arbitration and custody dispute resolution. The practice of family law at Williams Family Law centers on four core principles: experienced guidance, compassionate advice, powerful advocacy and knowledge of the local courts and counsel. The firm prides itself on leadership within the profession and a strong record of success.