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News from Williams Family Law: November 2015

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Please visit our blog where we share legal insights, thoughts on legal news and much more. Below are some of our most recent posts.

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Firm Announcements

williams bucks county family lawyer

Bucks County Family Lawyer Jeffrey M. Williams Named to 2016 'Best Lawyers in America'

Williams Family Law is pleased to announce that Founding Partner Jeffrey M. Williams again has been selected by peers for inclusion in the 2016 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®, one of the legal profession’s oldest and most respected peer-review publications. Williams, who has been named among Best Lawyers each year since 2008, was recognized for his work in the practice area of family law.

Read more about this announcement: Williams Named Among 2016 Family Law 'Best Lawyers.'

Did You Know? Frequently Asked Questions at Williams Family Law

Q: My spouse wants to mediate our divorce matter. Should I agree?

A: Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that has proven to be successful with helping a couple to reach agreements regarding many aspects of their divorce case, including alimony/spousal support, child custody, child support and division of marital property. The mediator helps the couple to work through their emotions, re-establish a rational level of communication, and reach an agreement that will result in a civil resolution. Read more here: Should I agree to mediate our divorce?

Featured Practice Area: Equitable Distribution

At Williams Family Law, we are committed to making the property distribution process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the court system and various financial matters critical to obtaining an equitable and balanced distribution of marital assets and liabilities. If you are considering a divorce or have questions about the division of marital and non-marital assets after your divorce, Williams Family Law is here to help you.

Find out more about the legal details involved in equitable distribution.

Around town: Doylestown's First Hospital

doylestown first hospital

As part of a Bucks County law firm, we live and work in a beautiful area in the Greater Philadelphia region. One of the jewels of Doylestown, where our office is located, is the old Doylestown hospital. This building at the corner of Pine and Oakland Streets may look like a house, but served as Doylestown's first hospital until 1939 when it moved to a larger location. It was founded by the Village Improvement Association in 1923. Dr. Hayman, a friend of Henry Mercer, was one of the founding physicians who used to make house calls in a horse and buggy.