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News from Williams Family Law: May 2016

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Please visit our blog where we share legal insights, thoughts on legal news and much more. Below are some of our most recent posts.

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Happenings & Headlines

Bucks Family Lawyers Featured in Suburban Life Magazine
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Firm Announcements

Robert Salzer

Williams Family Law Attorney Earns LLM in Taxation

Bucks County family law firm Williams Family Law, P.C. is pleased to announce that divorce attorney Robert Salzer has earned an LL.M. degree in taxation from Boston University School of Law.

The Master of Laws in Taxation makes Salzer particularly well-qualified to assist high-net-worth clients with the often-complex financial and property issues that arise in family law cases.

"The financial implications of a divorce are serious, and our clients know they can rely on the sound legal counsel that Bob offers them," said Founder and Managing Partner Jeffrey M. Williams. "We congratulate him on earning this important advanced legal degree and look forward to continuing to put those skills to work as we advocate for our clients during difficult times in their lives."

Read more about this announcement: Salzer Earns LLM in Taxation.

Did You Know? Frequently Asked Questions at Williams Family Law

Q: What types of assets are divided in a divorce?

A: Once a divorce action has begun, one of the aspects that is often contested is the division of marital property, or "equitable distribution," as it is called under Pennsylvania divorce law. Most people think of bank accounts and the family home as marital assets, but many other types of assets also should be considered. Read more here...

Q: What factors influence the division of marital property?

A: Pennsylvania, like many other state courts, employs an equitable distribution model to determine what parts of the marital estate each spouse will receive. Read more here...

Featured Practice Area: Grandparents' Custody Rights

Under Pennsylvania law, grandparents may also seek custody rights of their minor grandchildren if they were acting in the role of the parents (in loco parentis) by providing them with financial, educational and emotional support. When a parent files for divorce or passes away, grandparents and step-grandparents are often prevented from seeing their grandchildren. In all custody-related cases, the grandparents must prove that the requested custody would be in the best interests of the grandchildren and would not interfere with the relationship between the parent and the minor children.

The experienced family law attorneys at Williams Family Law understand the importance of grandparents' custody rights. We are available to help grandparents who are seeking visitation with their grandchildren, as well as grandparents who wish to establish formal legal or physical custody of their grandchildren.

Find out more about the legal details involved in Grandparents' Custody Rights.

Around town: Star Garden Park

star park

As part of a Bucks County law firm, we live and work in a beautiful area in the Greater Philadelphia region. One of the jewels of Doylestown, where our office is located, is Star Garden Park, located on Printers Alley. A "pocket park" in Doylestown, Star Garden Park boasts a community-made tile mosaic that reflects Doylestown’s rich history in the tile making arts. Star Park is one of seven parks owned and maintained by the Borough of Doylestown. With all seven spaces combined, parkland in Doylestown Borough totals more than 80 acres, providing plenty of space for a broad range of community activities.