Shelly Grossman, left, and Carolyn Zack, center, join Maris Weiner for "Truths and Myths of Family Law Arbitration."

Doylestown, PA – Attorney Maris J. Weiner of Williams Family Law, P.C. recently participated in a panel discussion for the Bucks County Bar Association on “Truths and Myths of Family Law Arbitration.” Weiner co-presented with attorneys Carolyn Zack and Rochelle Grossman.

In the program, which was held both virtually and in-person at the Bucks County Bar offices, Weiner, Zack and Grossman covered an overview of the benefits and efficiencies of arbitration in family law cases. They reviewed the process, law, and associated forms, as well as common misconceptions about the process.

Arbitration is an alternative to litigation. It is often confused with mediation, where two parties come to an agreement with the help of a mediator. In arbitration, the arbitrator assumes the role of a judge to decide the case, with a court then confirming the decision. Arbitration is generally considered faster, more private, and less expensive than litigation.

Maris Weiner successfully completed the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Arbitration Training Institute. AAML was founded in Chicago in 1962 to foster professionalism and excellence in the practice of family law. Those recognized by the AAML as fellows and arbitrators are considered leading practitioners in the field of family law across the United States.

An intelligent and savvy litigator, Weiner often handles divorces involving very complex issues, and her practice covers a wide range of domestic relations matters including divorce, support, custody, equitable distribution, and prenuptial/postnuptial agreements.

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