Did you ever wonder what month has the highest divorce rate? According to a recent news report, that month is January. Why would the dawn of a new year be so very busy for such a major marital decision? It’s often parents opting to defer the move until after the holiday season so as not to ruin it for the children.

“Couples try to hold it together during the holidays,” said body language expert Blanca Cobb. “You don’t want it to be disruptive; you want it to be happy. Some people will take it as a last-ditch effort to try to repair their marriage and see if they have any love or spark between them.”

However, those efforts keep things jolly during the holidays often backfire, according to another news report. Stresses from already-strained finances now taking on the added burden of gift giving, visiting in-laws and extended family members, a busy social calendar, and the anxiety of creating a perfect holiday can all take their toll. “[R]elationship cracks and underlying issues start to appear,” noted the article, surfacing “unresolved conflict [from] over the years.”

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