As we kick off a brand-new year, two thoughts resonate in my mind that I felt worth sharing:

  1. Enjoy the small things in life.

Yes, it may sound very simple and trite, but sometimes, something can come around to corner to squash something you’ve taken for granted. As in… squash. A game I’ve enjoyed for many years now as a physical and mental support in my life has ended (temporarily, I hope) and left me on crutches. I will, of course, get by and heal. But it’s been remarkable to me to think that something that was such a big and regular part of my life one week changed so dramatically the next. (Table tennis, anyone?)

  1. Don’t forget to stretch. (Professionally, that is.)

Though I’ve been fortunate to run a successful law practice for over 30 years, two things surprised me this month: I looked at my trial schedule for 2019 and realized it’s the busiest it’s been in those 30 years. I was also retained by a group of barristers in New Zealand as a trial expert on Pennsylvania law. Both nice surprises and reassurances that, just when you think you are in a comfortable pattern, something new or unexpected can come along and renew you professionally. So this year, pick up a book you normally wouldn’t read. Join that association. Maybe even put yourself out there to speak at an event. Anything that helps you grow in your own professional capacity.

In short, I suppose the moral of this story is that surprises can be welcome or unwelcome, but when they result in growth or healing, they are good ones.

I wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2019.

-Jeff Williams