Prenuptial agreements are increasingly being used by younger Americans to guard against debt, according to an article in the New Yorker. While some may consider prenups unromantic, protecting one’s spouse from debt is an act of love, according to the article. It explored the growing popularity of prenups and specifically how today’s couples are using them.

According to a survey by Harris Poll, 40% of married or engaged couples between the ages of 18 and 34 have a prenup. Overall, 15% of Americans of any age have a prenup, which is up from 3% who had prenuptial agreements 12 years ago. The poll’s findings reflect a trend that experts have noticed, that more and younger Americans are getting prenups.

While historically, prenups were used to protect wealth, today’s prenups are being used differently. In part, that’s due to the levels of debt that can accumulate in today’s society. Whether it’s catastrophic health costs or student loans, the debt can be daunting. If the couple divorces, the debt can even follow ex-spouses. A prenup can help prevent that.

There’s another reason that some couples are choosing prenups, and that’s because of the earning potential lost when one partner stays home to raise the kids. Prenups can specify how they are compensated, such as the working partner contributing to the stay-at-home spouse’s retirement account. Then, if divorce should occur, the stay-at-home spouse is protected.

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