You’re divorcing, but you want your child to maintain his/her standard of living and ensure all basic needs are covered. That’s where child support comes in. Child support is designed with the welfare of the child in mind. A recent article in explained the basics of child support in Pennsylvania.


You simply have to have a child in your care to request child support. There does not need to be a custody order in place, but you will eventually want to have one.


The judge will use Pennsylvania child support guidelines to determine a support amount. For an estimate of what you might expect, visit the Pennsylvania Child Support Program. In some limited high end cases, the amount that you will receive depends on several factors. The court will review the needs of the child or children, determine if the requests are reasonable, and review the ability of the parents to pay support.

It is important to note that there were some rather significant changes in Pennsylvania child support guidelines in 2022, which we covered in a blog post last year, and that there is a separate set of rules for those in high-income divorces (when the parents’ combined income exceeds $30,000 net per month).

Time frame

Child support typically lasts until a child turns 18 years of age or graduation from high school (whichever last occurs).

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