It's finally March. Spring must be around the corner, right? However, as I look out of my window and see gray skies and the snow-covered ground I wonder if this endless winter will ever call it quits. In some ways, I think divorce, like weather - takes on a cyclical nature. As a family lawyer, clients seek my services in January and September more than any other time of the year. January, of course, makes sense as there is a new year, new time mentality that propels people into action. The holidays have passed and it is time to move on to the next steps in life. September is similar. Many people have summer vacations planned long in advance, children are home from school for a long stretch of time and it just doesn't seem feasible to proceed with a major life change, such as divorce, until the regular routine of daily life begins with the new school year. The last few weeks, however, have been very busy for me and my colleagues at Williams Family Law. As I think about what could be causing the uptick in new clients flocking to the office, I wonder if it could possibly be a result of the harsh winter we have experienced in eastern Pennsylvania. Personally, I am tired of the extreme cold, the lack of sunshine and the almost weekly need for a shovel and winter boots. Admittedly, it's making me cranky. I suspect I am not the only one and that the weather is making others less tolerant as well. Many schools and offices have been closed rather routinely and everyone is stuck under one roof, sometimes without power - for days on end. As humans, we like routine and without it, our lives are often thrown into disarray. When I carefully consider the effect that the weather could be having on my family law practice, it makes sense. By now, only a few weeks away from the start of spring, we all need a change, something to look forward to during these final days of winter. By taking proactive steps to move our lives forward -- each in our own individual way, we regain some control of our own destiny regardless of what Mother Nature might have in store for us.