Have you incurred out of pocket medical expenses for your child or children? Is that child or are those children subject to a child support order? If you answered yes to both of these questions, be aware that the other parent may be obligated to pay for a percentage of the unreimbursed medical expenses which you have incurred.

The child support order will set forth each parent's obligation to contribute to unreimbursed medical expenses.

If you are considered the custodial parent (or obligee pursuant to the child support order), you are not able to request reimbursement for unreimbursed medical expenses until you have incurred $250 per child per calendar year, unless your support order states otherwise. If only one child has unreimbursed medical expenses in excess of $250 for the year you are able to seek reimbursement for that child. If you are considered the non-custodial parent (or obligor pursuant to the child support order) and you have incurred unreimbursed medical expenses for a child or children subject to a support order, you may also seek reimbursements from the other parent.

When seeking reimbursement for unreimbursed medical expenses, A Summary of Medical and/or Dental Bills form must be completed and copies of the invoices and proof of payment must be submitted. A copy of this form can be obtained from your local Domestic Relations Support Office.

Keep in mind there is a deadline for requesting reimbursements. Medical bills are to be submitted no later than March 31 of the year following the calendar year in which the final bill was received by the party seeking reimbursements.

Attached is the Bucks County Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Information Sheet and Summary of Medical and/or Dental Bills form. The Information Sheet provides additional information regarding the procedure which must be followed in order to seek reimbursement of unreimbursed medical expenses.