Often, people come to the firm asking the question “Can I rework my child’s custody arrangement?” As the intent of that arrangement is to create a scenario that best fits the needs and interests of a child, if those needs change, or if a situation arises where the child’s welfare is in jeopardy, it is most certainly possible to modify a custody order in Pennsylvania.

Valid reasons to consider a new custody order:

  • A parent’s need to relocate, such as for a job
  • When one parent frequently disregards the terms of the present custody order
  • A parent’s substance abuse issues, or adverse mental health that affects his or her behavior
  • The death of a parent
  • Problems or issues with a child’s development, academic performance or cognitive health
  • When a child is unsafe or in danger
  • The child is getting older and his or her needs change

Either parent can request to modify a custody order by filing a petition for modification of custody. The burden of proof for establishing the need for the change falls on the petitioning parent.

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