As we discussed in an earlier blog post, in 2017, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Domestic Relations Procedural Rules Committee intends to propose a rule to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to replace the current parent coordination rule. The proposed Rule 1915.11 titled "Parenting Coordination" details with specificity the qualifications of parent coordinators.

According to the proposed rule, a parent coordinator must be an attorney who is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who has practiced family law for at least five years. In addition, attorneys must have participated in a parent coordination training, family mediation training, domestic violence training and, in addition, they must complete continuing education training in topics related to parent coordination.

The proposed Rule (Recommendation 155) in its entirety, can be found online here: The comment period is open until Feb. 24, 2017.

If the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania rules in favor of the proposed rule, the Bucks County family law attorneys at Williams Family Law, P.C. are qualified to serve as parent coordinators. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to answer your questions about all domestic relations matters, including child custody.

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