If you have ever been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), it could affect more than your driving record. It could impact how and when you exercise custody of your children, according to a recent article in Divorce Magazine.

The judge must consider many factors in making a custody decision, one of which involves evidence of substance abuse. The DUI may raise concerns about whether you can exercise sound judgment when parenting. It may show that you cannot provide a safe, stable home. It could be a significant factor in highly contested family court proceedings.

If the court believes that you engage in risky behaviors that could harm your children, your parenting time may be severely restricted or supervised. You could lose physical custody completely in extreme cases of substance abuse. If your driver’s license is suspended, you would be unable to transport your children, when necessary, which could impact custody arrangements. A DUI that occurs after your divorce also could have consequences. You may need to defend yourself against criminal charges and protect your parental rights.

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