During a divorce, separation or child custody dispute, the parents may be the primary parties to the disagreement, but there is another involved party who often feels powerless and afraid of what is happening to the family: the children.

Too often, the needs and emotions of children are overlooked in family law disputes, but a new video produced by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers hopes to change that. "The Voices of the Children of Divorce" shares the stories of several children whose parents divorced, offering insight into the thoughts and emotions of these vulnerable young people. The goal of the video, which is available on DVD, is to ensure that everyone involved in a family law matter - including the parents, their attorneys, and the court system - keep the needs of the children in mind.

The video was created by the Pennsylvania chapter of the AAML and now is being distributed throughout the United States. It features six teenagers from Upper Dublin High School, in Montgomery County. These talented members of the high school's theater department portrayed children whose families had divorced, using the words of the children themselves, as provided in interviews.

The teens answer questions about how the breakup of their families has affected them. They share powerful advice for other children who are going through divorce or separation, including the importance of expressing their feelings and of relying on friends or trained counselors. They also advise parents who are divorcing to keep their anger and bitterness toward the other parent to themselves and not to put the children in the middle of the dispute.

The mission of the AAML is to promote professionalism and excellence in the practice of family law. Every attorney who handles divorce and custody cases aspires to protect and guard the best interests of each child. This video should be required viewing for anyone involved in a divorce or child custody case. It may be ordered by visiting the AAML's website.

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