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December 2018 Newsletter

The attorneys of Williams Family Law have been busy this year with many professional speaking engagements. Jeff Williams was a participating speaker at a Pennsylvania Bar Institute seminar entitled “Drug and Alcohol Issues in Civil Litigation,” which covered how the nation’s opioid epidemic affects the cost of public health, law enforcement, public employment, and local government budgets. Williams’ portion of the presentation focused on the impact of drugs and alcohol in family court. Jeff also spoke at the summer meeting of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Family Law Section, discussing “Double-Dipping: Income/Assets in Support/Divorce,” which is when something is considered an asset or income (or sometimes both) in the context of support, alimony and/or equitable distribution during a divorce, and also how it is construed differently by different states.

Bob Salzer presented this fall at the 2018 Bench Bar Conference hosted by the Bucks County Bar Association, participating in a panel discussion entitled “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: A Family Court Perspective,” discussing last year’s tax code overhaul and its effects on separation, divorce and marital dissolution planning.

Robert J. Salzer, left, stands with members of the BCBA Family Court panel. From left: Donna M. Pironti, CPA, Hon. James M. McMaster, Hon. Brian T. McGuffin, and Hon. Jeffrey G. Trauger.

Shauna L. Quigley joined the firm this year as an associate.

She is experienced in all matters surrounding family law: divorce, support, property distribution, child custody, and protection from abuse. To her clients, she is known for compassion and understanding; in her work, she is an effective, skilled negotiator.

“We are delighted to have Shauna join our team,” said Jeff Williams. “She is a talented attorney, and an active member of her community. She is an excellent addition to the firm.”



Williams Family Law was proud to continue its ongoing support of the Travis Manion Foundation by serving as a sponsor of the 2018 “Heroes Run,” which took place Sunday, September 23rd, at Fonthill Park.

Business Manager Laura Fantuzzo (left) and attorney Melanie Wender both participated in the run.



We are proud to again be included in two of the most well-known attorney ranking organizations: Jeff Williams was again named to the 2018 list of Super Lawyers, while Melanie Wender and Shauna Quigley were both named to the 2018 “Rising Stars” lists, and three attorneys were selected for inclusion in the 2019 edition of The Best Lawyers in America: Jeff Williams, Susan Smith and Lynelle Gleason. Additionally, the firm itself was given a “Tier 1” ranking in Family Law in the Philadelphia region.





This month's featured attorney: Jeff Williams
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Williams Family Law also helped commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Michener Art Museum by joining in the formal celebration “30 Years: An Evening in Black & White.” The event took place on Saturday, September 15th, exactly thirty years to the day the Michener first opened its doors.

Partygoers Tim Quigley and Steve Price celebrate with Williams Family Law partners Bob Salzer and Jeff Williams, and Beth Beans Gilbert enjoys the festivities along with Williams Family
Law partner Susan Smith.

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